Media & Communication Management

Managing an established media company today is marked by two imperatives: Firstly, the business in force has to be made as efficient as possible (“exploitation”). This includes cross-media approaches for production and marketing. Secondly, moreover, new business have to be explored (“exploration”).

The coexistence of “exploitation” and “exploration” requires suitable organizational and leadership structures, in order not to impede the other, but to profit from each other. We give advice about the challenges of such “ambidextrous” management.

Additionally, in our management projects we give you operational support to seize the opportunities of digital transformation processes and to protect yourself against the threats of competitors. Together with you we implement digital amplifications of your product portfolio or compile new tactics to use social media to enhance customer loyalty.

Sometimes it is advisable to invest in an external start-up than to do it on once own. Venture activities as well as implementing measures for identification and evaluation have become indispensable in today’s media and communication industries.