Innovation & Strategy Development

Structural changes – even if not as fundamental as the digital transformation – have always affected the various industries. While some companies gained new strength from such “strategic inflection points”, others disappeared. This is the reason why only very few companies survive for more than one human generation. To learn from these supreme survivors guides to master one’s own challenges.

What these survivors primarily have in common is that they were not only focused on one set of key competences, but they were able to develop dynamic capabilities and be constantly innovating – products as well as processes.

This ability presupposes attentive tracing, analyzing and conceptualizing of risks and opportunities (“sensing”), a management that links the new as well as the established structures (“seizing”) and constant reconfiguiring and developing of critical success factors (“transforming”).

With our strategy projects we develop together with you innovation processes and ideas to cope with two parallel exigencies: to protect currents operations as efficiently as possible and to explore new businesses without being blinkered.